Experience the Atavis Difference.

It’s about our people crafting private flight experiences that revolve around you.

Your Team

From booking to arrival your dedicated team makes sure everything about every flight happens just the way you like.

  • Private Flight Advisor

    Your dedicated Private Flight Advisor begins working with you from the start. First, they’ll get to know you, where you travel, why you travel, and with whom you travel. Next, they’ll work with you to craft a solution tailored to your unique needs. Their job is to make your travel easier. And, for every flight you book with Atavis, they’ll take care of every detail.

  • Atavis Ambassadors

    Every flight we arrange is overseen by a dedicated Ambassador. You’ll meet them on the day as soon as you arrive at the airport. They’ll have worked with your crew to prepare your airplane ensuring is in place and just the way you like it. They’ll help with any last-minute requests and, in the event of delays for any reason, work with you, your crew, and the Atavis team to get you on your way as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Atavis Specialists

    These professionals have comprehensive expertise across a range of vital areas. They know the aircraft inside and out. They are up-to-date on the regions we fly to, special considerations surrounding major events, and they stay on top of trends to ensure you always enjoy the very best experience. They are always available to your dedicated team

Your Experience

  • Before You Fly


    We leave nothing to chance. Atavis specialists constantly monitor a wealth of information from global weather forecasts, upcoming special events, and shifting regional security considerations. Our goal is to anticipate anything that might impact your travel in order to proactively offer solutions.


    Every flight is meticulously planned from scratch. Based on your needs we suggest appropriate airports, create an itinerary, select the best available aircraft, and coordinate


    We keep all the details about your travel in strict confidence. Information is only shared internally on a need-to-know basis, with our partners in order to provide our services, and with government entities as required.

  • On the Ground

    Atavis Ambassadors

    At most airports, an Atavis Ambassador is on hand and dedicated to your flight alone. They’ll personally prepare your aircraft, liaise with your crew, welcome you on board, and address any last-minute changes.

    Ground transfers

    Enjoy the Atavis experience from door to door. We’ll arrange luxury chauffeur-driven transportation to your departure airport.

  • In the Air

    Food and drink

    Good food and drinks are some of life’s greatest pleasures. We always include a tasty range of options tailored to every flight. And we’re happy to arrange anything special


    We think about—and include—all the little things that together make an enormous difference. Anything you need just let us know.

    Cabin crew

    On larger aircraft, these professionals are on board to deliver discreet, deeply personalized hospitality throughout your flight. They’re also trained to ensure your safety from takeoff to landing.


    Your non-human family members are generally welcome on board. Let us know when booking if you plan to travel with pets and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

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