Your wellbeing is our first priority.

We insist on private jet safety practices that exceed government regulations. We continually evaluate an array of factors that contribute to your safety on each and every flight.

The operator

We partner with a carefully selected network of direct air carriers. Each must undergo a detailed examination of their operations and management. If they do not meet our industry-leading standards they do not fly our clients and guests.

The aircraft

There are several thousand private aircraft available for charter around the world. Our unrelenting focus on quality over quantity means that we use only a few hundred of them.

The pilots

The training and career experience of your pilots is of crucial importance. We validate several criteria including total flight time, flight hours in the specific aircraft type, and flight hours as Pilot-in-Command. This ensures you fly only in the most capable hands.

The flight review

Before you fly we conduct a thorough review of every detail. We reconfirm the qualifications and capabilities of the assigned operator, aircraft, and pilots. We scrutinize your itinerary, weather forecasts, and security concerns. And we proactively create a backup plan if we anticipate disruptions.

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Atavis Jet LLC ("Atavis") serves as agent for its clients in arranging flights on aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 air carriers or foreign equivalent who exercise full operational control of charter flights at all times. Carriers providing service must meet all FAA safety requirements as well as additional safety standards established by Atavis. Atavis is not a direct or indirect air carrier and does not operate any aircraft.